How to Open A Bag of Charcoal

Just in time for grillin’ season… here’s an article that explains the mystery that is the entwined dual string of the old school charcoal bag. The secret is in identifying the front and the back.

How to open a bag of charcoal

Crayola Crayon Nerdery

Ever wonder what the hex code for the Brick Red crayola crayon is? Or exactly when Indian Red was changed to Chestnut? Well wonder no more. This is what Wikipedia was made for.

Crayola Crayon List

How to Validate a Credit Card Number by Hand

This is an article describing how credit card numbers are generated. Each digit means something (who knew?), and with a little math, it’s possible to tell a fake CC# from a real one.

Understanding Credit Card Numbers

Baseball Nerdery Meets Nerdy Nerdery

Found this on—this site has got to be the perfect mix of Baseball stuff and just plain geekery. There are infographics that display baseball nerdery such as the direction a batter faces at each of the MLB parks (nobody faces south or west) and how much money MLB would be out if stolen bases were actually stolen.

Flip Flop Flyball

I Did Not Know That Yesterday

Just found an awesome little blog that has tons of interesting factoid type things. Awesome stuff like Where does snot come from and Do fish drink water and Why are German Shepherds used as police dogs? It’s a blogspot site that doesn’t seem to have any pagination features enabled so unfortunately the more entries the author makes, the slower it’ll be to load. Still, this site has earned a spot on my daily bookmark bar just for sheer oddity factor.

Seriously, haven’t you always wanted to know Where does snot come from?

I Did Not Know That Yesterday

Paper Airplanes

One the coolest thing about the internets… there’s a website for everything. This site has a bunch of paper airplane designs and instructions for creating them. Cool.

Paper Airplanes

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